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We design & manufacture the complete range of high performing acoustic products & noise control systems with the main object to protect nearby area from high noise. Entire systems is designed to meet the exact project requirements and engineered for optimum noise control, pressure losses, flow generated noise and maximum economic operation. We also provide NVH Test Systems & Sound quality Check Systems for Automobile and Home Appliance Industry.

To address noise pollution control and noise/vibration test systems, we offer imaginative solutions with various applications in following fields:

To perform accurate and repeatable testing of the product, manufacturers use Engine test cell Acoustics / Anechoic Chamber that provide controlled acoustical environment for product testing and development. Our systems can provide high acoustic isolation from ambient environment and Free Field Interior.

Our Silencers Systems for blower & compressor, Acoustic Enclosures for Diesel-Engines, Sound Attenuator, Acoustic Louvers for Chiller Unit provide effective noise control in manufacturing and process industries. We Install Acoustic Doors in wide variety of application with STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings from STC 26 to STC 70.  Our standing Noise Barrier systems are sound absorptive on one or both sides offer excellent sound transmission loss characteristics and restrict noise from factories, roads and railways.

In steel plant generally Compressor casing, Gear box, Discharge & suction ducting, intercooler, moisture separator and Lubrication system are predominantly emit a very high noise level approx. 116 dB(A).To control noise we install Discharge Silencer at the outlet to restrict fluid borne noise transmission and Acoustic Enclosure with Acoustically Louvers for compressor and gearbox noise .

Legal requirements as well as customers' desires for minimizing noise transmission from power plants machines, Transformers and Power System Automation equipments are becoming more and more stringent. Our Absorbing Silencer System is used for broad spectrum noise sources such as occur at the inlet and outlet of gas turbines and cooling towers. we offer customized, self-contained, easily dismantled and reassembled Acoustic Enclosures for heavy duty gas turbine and diesel-engines in power plants with noise attenuated air inlet and outlet systems for enclosure ventilation, Air Intake Ducts with optimal acoustic performance and flow dynamics, Single or Multi-Blade Dampers, Exhaust Gas Ducts & Diffusers

Cement plant noise up to 110 dB (A) comes mainly from crushers, mills, kiln burners, compressors & wagon tippler. Our noise control measures include sound dampening, machines & components enclosing and noise source insulation. Cement mill noise can be reduced by properly designed Acoustic Enclosures & Noise Barrier (Metallic / Polycarbonate) surrounds either the noise source or the workers.

We offer complete acoustic solution to road & metro rail noise control. Supply & installation of Polycarbonate Noise Barrier at parapet wall and fixing of absorptive type perforated Acoustic Panel to parapet wall to control noise escape from metro rail track. Solid Polycarbonate sheet with 32 STC rating is used at parapet wall of Metro Rail to control noise escape from Metro Rail track.

Detailed design analysis is carried out to arrive at a solution so that noise emission from various sources is restricted within guaranteed level. Our Experts' help is advised to install Acoustic Enclosure and Noise Barrier (Sound Walls) for Compressor Noise Control.



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Supply & installation of Polycarbonate Noise Barrier at parapet wall and fixing of absorptive type acoustic panel to parapet wall to control noise escape from metro rail track.Specific noise of Metro Rail was measured 85 dB(A) while achieved 60 dB(A) outside the Noise Barrier at 6 meter distance.

Rapid Metro Rail, Guargaon  ....


The Polycarbonate Noise Barriers' work was completed by Envirotech in a good manner and also according to our specifications.
Shree Cement Limited  ....

Acoustic Enclosure supplied by Envirotech, has fulfilled CPCB Norms without affecting DG set performance.
PepsiCo India Holding Pvt. Ltd  ....

The Noise Test Booth designed by Envirotech (ESL) has acieved the desired noise level i.e 35 dB(A) in side the chamber.
Maruti Suzuki Limited  ....

The design of Anechoic Chamber has fulfill our requirement & no echo generation was found inside the chamber .
Dongyong  ....


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