Envirotech manufacturer Chiller Acoustic louver that is specially designed with sound bafflers that allows a free flow of air but contains the noise within the enclosure is the solution. The Chiller Acoustic Louver is designed to do just that. This louvered panel reduces the sound from being emitted out of the cooling system by more than 30% and effectively isolates the chiller from its surroundings. Installation of acoustic louvers can reduce the sound levels by up to 8 decibels. With the acoustic louvers, noise levels are almost 10 dB lower than before.

An outdoor air-cooled chiller, rooftop chiller, or cooling tower involves a lot of water causing high humidity. Acoustic louvers that are specially designed with sound bafflers that allow a free flow of air but contain the noise within the enclosure are the solution we provide for Chillers. For this reason, chiller acoustic enclosures need to have plenty of air vents for air circulation and to ensure that the humidity level is kept in check. The air vents need to be acoustically treated.

Envirotech can make customize solutions on for chillers as per the client’s requirements and specifications. Our acoustic screens and enclosures solve a wide range of environmental noise pollution problems emanating from mechanical plants and systems including.

Acoustic louvers for Compressors

it is a gas compressor or an air compressor it generates a lot of noise and needs to be kept in an enclosure with acoustic treatment. The material used for the acoustic louvers depends on the area of application. The acoustic enclosure for the compressor is specially designed for the unit with padded walls to absorb the sound and reverberation. The compressor enclosure needs sufficient air vents.

Acoustic louvers for Generators enclosures

The high level of noise needs to be contained and this is done with an acoustic enclosure for the generator. The air ducts are insulated and outfitted with a splitter and sound accumulators so as to prevent sound to escape. The generator enclosure needs special exhaust vents which are outfitted with an axial flow fan.

Acoustic louvers for Pumps

We make special acoustic louvers for pumps that provide high-quality of sound absorption and good ventilation and weather control. The acoustic enclosure that houses the pump can be designed with acoustic louvers in the side panels to provide free airflow and circulation and prevent the build-up of humidity in the acoustic enclosure for pumps. The type of blade used for the acoustic louvers depends on the requirement.

chiller-acoustic-louver, acoustic-louver
chiller acoustic louver acoustic louver

Applications of Chiller Acoustic Louver:

    • Power plant Acoustic Louver
    • Turbine Acoustic Louver
    • Acoustic Louver For DG Set
    • Soundproof Enclosures
    • Acoustic Louver Machine
    • Blower Acoustic Louver
    • Fin Press Acoustic Louver
    • Punch Press Acoustic Louver
    • Chiller Acoustic Enclosure