Envirotech Acoustic Louver For Cooling Tower is used to bring down the noise emission level of the cooling tower to the maximum level. The cooling tower is the natural exhaust of many processes like air conditioning, acoustic louvers, refrigeration, and chiller plants. This system is built to ensure that the noise emission level of the cooling tower is at its optimum. The acoustic louver for the cooling tower is made up of durable material for longer service life. Our product ensures that you have better sleep and also saves your hard-earned money in the long run by lowering your electricity bills.

They provide high performance and are recommended by industry experts. We produce and supply robust and rugged Acoustic Louvers for the cooling towers as they are made up of the best quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, etc. We have installed thousands of acoustic louvers country-wide and we continue to bring the best in the industry at pocket-friendly rates under the supervision of our experienced engineers. They are available in various depths, in both single and double-banked versions. We use a perforated splitter underside for maximum sound absorption.

This acoustic louver is designed to be installed on the side of a small cooling tower by standing off from the side of the cooling tower wall. We are manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosure in Pan India.

Acoustic louvers for the cooling tower are the best option to help you keep the tower cool. Envirotech Acoustic Louver For cooling towers reduce noise exiting a building and are a part of the intake or exhaust of industrial ventilation systems. This kind of louver will help you cut the tower’s cooling costs by up to 70%.


We are well-reputed as one of the stupendous Acoustic Louver manufacturers in India. We design an aerodynamically bladed Louvre System that helps in preventing noise breakout. These are also designed to control weather variations.

Usages of optimum quality materials and advanced technology ensure high durability, tensile strength, and resistance to adverse conditions.

Acoustic louvers combine the function of silencers, louvers with less resistance to airflow, good acoustic performance, and weather protection. The acoustic louvers can be installed in Diesel Generator Rooms, Compressor buildings, and inlet & outlet openings of ventilation ducts.

The acoustic louver consists of a weather louver containing a fibrous acoustic infill housed in a flanged outer casing. The louvers are made in 300mm & 600mm thicknesses.

The standard dimensions of acoustic louvers are :
Heights (mm): 450,650,850 & 1050
Width (mm): 600, 800, 1000 & 1200

Other sizes are available on request.

We offer the acoustic Louver with the following features:

  • Flat blades
  • For building intake/exhaust openings
  • For mechanical services plant
  • As free-standing barriers, screens, and enclosures
  • Wide choice of finishes/colors
acoustic-louver-for-cooling-tower, acoustic louvers
acoustic-louver-for-cooling-tower, acoustic louvers