Envirotech Systems designed Power Plant Noise Control is robust and reduce noise according to CPCB Norms, in addition to the standards set as per ISO 14001 requirements for industrial acoustic enclosure applications. These have controlled environments for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and vibration isolation. In order to prevent noise leakage from door gaps, hinge-type doors, fitted with gaskets are used.

The locks are spring-loaded and can be opened from both sides. They are accessorized with rain water protection hood and two coats of primer as well as automotive paint in desirable shades. We also include piece-marked assembly drawings and AutoCAD submitters with every project.

In Power plants generally, Compressor casing, Gearbox, Discharge & suction ducting, intercooler, moisture separator, and Lubrication system predominantly emit a very high noise level of approx 116 dB(A).

Discharge Silencer –

Controlling noise pollution for systems that receive air from combustion engines and turbines is a priority for many organizations. It is vital that all Power Generation installations in Plant Rooms have the required noise control measures in place that ensures the facility meets with the internal and external environmental noise Control.

power plant noise control, acoustic enclosure
power plant noise control, acoustic enclosure
power plant noise control, acoustic enclosure

Power Plant Noise Control, Manufacturer –

we offer customized, self-contained, easily dismantled, and reassembled Acoustic Enclosures for heavy-duty gas turbine and diesel engines in power plants with noise-attenuated air inlet and outlet systems for enclosure ventilation, Air Intake Ducts with optimal acoustic performance and flow dynamics, Single or Multi-Blade Dampers, Exhaust Gas Ducts & Diffusers.

Acoustical Louvers –

Provides sound reduction without restricting airflow in buildings and enclosures. They are used in place of standard louvers for a high level of noise reduction.

Features Include:

  • Noise reductions according to CPCB Norms /as per ISO 14001 requirements for industrial applications.
  • Controlled environment for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and vibration isolation.
  • Hinge-type doors of the required size, doors are fitted with a Gasket to block noise leakage from the gap.
  • Spring-loaded lock, openable from both sides.
  • Rainwater protection hood to corner for fresh air inlet acoustic louvers.
  • Electrical wiring, switchboard & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure.
  • All Hardware was Zinc passivated to avoid rusting & door hinges are SS.
  • Provided cutouts in the acoustic panel for pipe/cable entry or any other requirement.
  • Two coats of primer & automotive paint in the desired shade.
  • Acoustically treated louvers on the roof of the Acoustic Enclosure for air inlet & exhaust.