We offer Machine Acoustic Enclosure for heavy Noise generating machines, and Acoustic Enclosure For Machine which are designed with perfection and accuracy to each and every intricate detail. Even the minutest of specifications is paid due attention while producing these so that flawless can easily be provided to the client.

Our Machine Acoustic Enclosure reduces noise and meets the ISO 14001 norms for environment. It also prevents the excessive noise and their harmful effects. In this regard various techniques for noise control are available. Noise control can be achieved by sound absorption, isolation, damping vibrations, and by avoiding resonance in structure and machine parts.

Our acoustic enclosures are designed in modular panel form for all types of industrial machinery and processes, incorporating inspection panels, windows and doors as required for easy access and periodic maintenance.

The Acoustic Enclosure is truly modular. The several basic elements of the system – standard panels, window panels, and door panels – are removable and we can relocate on other location.

Machine Acoustic Enclosure, For Noise Control

The wall construction of 100mm (4″) thick sound rated panels and accessories allows a degree of construction freedom not possible with conventional acoustic panel systems. With acoustic Modular Panels, the plant engineer, safety director, OEM manufacturer, architect, or maintenance supervisor can obtain the exact sound controlling structure necessary for each specific situation.

machine-acoustic-enclosure, acoustic-enclosure-for-machine
machine-acoustic-enclosure, acoustic-enclosure-for-machine
machine-acoustic-enclosure, acoustic-enclosure-for-machine

Many Types Of Acoustic Enclosures

Machine Enclosure Manufacturer

  • Cut outs for pipes, wires, and cables
  • Double-glazed glass windows for light and visibility. This can be wire treated if required
  • Doors with gasket seals to prevent the leakage of noise
  • Air vents with louvers for ventilation that have acoustic treatment
  • Removable panels for repair and maintenance of the machine especially if the enclosure is small
  • The enclosure has a lighting level of 300 LUX which allows plenty of visibility inside the enclosure.