We design and manufacture all kinds of Acoustic Enclosure or soundproof enclosure to control the noise and strive to achieve desired noise level. Our designed acoustic enclosures are applicable in steel plant, cement plant, power generation plant, industrial sites, oil and gas plant, heavy forging industries & other manufacturing units where the noise level is very high.

We offer Complete structural designing of acoustic enclosure and engineering support including layout designing as well as determining acoustical the structural and air ventilation requirements without affecting the DG performance.

This could vary from a power plant to a diesel generator to turbine enclosures. The acoustic enclosure manufacturer has been designed to reduce the noise emitted into the environment. Each enclosure is designed according to the specific requirements of the type of unit with the focus being on acoustic level control. The noise levels are according to the industrial application CPCB norms and as per ISO 14001 standards.

Features Include:

  • Noise reductions according to CPCB Norms /as per ISO 14001 requirement for industrial applications.
  • Controlled environment for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and vibration isolation
  • Hinge-type door of the required size, doors are fitted with Gasket to block noise leakage from gap.
  • Spring-loaded lock, openable from both sides
  • Rain water protection hood to corner for fresh air inlet acoustic louvers
  • Electrical wiring, switch board & light to maintain 300 LUX inside the enclosure
  • All Hardwares were Zinc passivated to avoid rusting & door hinges are SS
  • Provided cutouts in the acoustic panel for pipe/cable entry or any other requirement
  • Two coat primer & automotive paint in desired shade
  • Acoustically treated louvers on roof of Acoustic Enclosure for air inlet & exhaust.


we provide sufficient no. of acoustic doors For maintenance access equipped with heavy-duty hardware and seals to prevent noise leakage.

Acoustic glass windows/vision panels are double or single-glazed, 1/4″ thick, laminated safety glass or wire reinforced including framing and sealing. Removable Panels for constant or intermittent access to equipment can be incorporated in acoustic enclosure design.

Every Project includes piece-marked assembly drawings & AutoCAD submittal

acoustic-enclosure ,soundproof-enclosure
Acoustic Enclosure for Conveyor
acoustic-enclosure ,soundproof-enclosure