Envirotech Metallic Anechoic Wedges are soundproofing wedges, Metallic Anechoic Wedges Chamber that can be used to insulate sound from surrounding areas. This is a DIY product that is easy to use. These wedges can be cut to size and used on walls, doors, windows, and other surfaces. They are made of a high-quality vinyl material that is both easy to install and durable. The Metallic Anechoic Wedges can be purchased online.

They can be used to absorb high frequencies, low frequencies, or mid-range frequencies. They’re also ideal for use in recording studios. Envirotech Metallic Anechoic wedges can absorb a high range of frequencies. These wedges, also known as bass traps, are perfect for reducing unwanted sound in a space. They can be used to absorb high frequencies, low frequencies, or mid-range frequencies. They’re also ideal for use in recording studios.

These wedges are suitable for anechoic chambers that require a low-frequency sound to be absorbed. We are indulged in providing a wide range of Metallic Wedge Anechoic Chamber. We are manufacturer of Metallic Anechoic Wedge Chamber.

metallic-anechoic-wedges, metallic-anechoic-wedges-chamber
metallic-anechoic-wedges, metallic-anechoic-wedges-chamber


Metallic Anechoic wedges are constructed of 0.5mm thick GI mesh with 42% free area for maximum absorption and shall be filled with high-quality sound absorbing material 28kg/m3 density fiberglass conforming to BS (British Standard) 476, ISO 1182 & IS 3808. The material used shall be flameproof and fire-retardant & confirming to BS 6853 (toxicity index 0.65) – NON-EMISSION OF SMOKE and TOXIC GASES.

Metallic Anechoic Wedges Manufacturer is made from a perforated metallic sheet, that is coated in fiberglass, which is then powder coated. They can be used to add a splash of color and texture to any room. The Reflector Acoustic Wedges by a company offer sound absorption of frequencies below 500Hz and a low noise factor. These PU Foam wedges, Metallic Anechoic Wedges Chamber is composed of PU foam material which has 32 D FR low-density polyurethane. Multi-color options are available to match corporate color schemes. These provide a safe environment for working personnel.

Material: Perforated GI mesh 0.5 mm with 42 % Free area filled with acoustic fiberglass conforming to BS 476.

Shape: Triangular tip with parallel piped base.

Outer shell: Perforated GI sheet.

Color: Powder-coated off-white shade / Color choice of the client.

Acoustic Insulation filler: Confirming to ASTM C 423 / ISO 354; NRC> 0.95, Fire Resistance, high durability.

Free Field Room: A room whose walls, ceiling, and floor are lined with sound-absorbing materials to

minimize all sound reflections, also known as an anechoic room

Technical Specifications of Metallic Anechoic Wedge

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance, with very low cut-off frequencies.
  • Compliance with international test standards, including ISO 3745, ISO 3744, and ISO 26101.
  • Superior fire and impact resistance.
  • Greater durability and a longer lifespan.
  • Ease of cleaning to ensure an “as new” appearance throughout their working life.
  • A bright, healthy, and safe working environment for test personnel.
  • Bespoke paint options are available to match corporate colors.