We design and supply Pump Acoustic Enclosure for industrial pump noise control, helping you meet Noise Regulations. Pumps Acoustic Enclosures are structures built around the pump (or pump and gearbox in some instances) that isolate the equipment from its surroundings. Their walls are lined with acoustic absorbent materials and they can offer a significant reduction in noise output.

Acoustic Enclosures are designed to reduce noise levels on commercial and industrial machinery and can help meet the specification of noise reduction requirements and reduce noise pollution in the surroundings of an external area. The bass speakers for a small music system need to be pumped so that the sound is heard louder and more clearly. This product is a small pump that can be placed on top of a speaker cabinet to improve sound quality.

acoustic enclosures provide soundproofing for your pump operations in laboratories or sensitive industrial work environments. This enables us to give you a detailed insight into the design options and subsequent impacts of adjustments to the overall acoustic performance.

Our structural steel analysis to Eurocode standards ensures structural integrity and finite element analysis for the reliability of the structure and any surrounding elements directly associated with it. We design and supply acoustic pump enclosures for industrial pump noise control. Whether for the manufacturing, process, or conversion industry sectors, we have the experience to deliver a complete noise control solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

We work in partnership with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.  Our focus is to deliver across these key areas;

  • Meet the acoustic specification and Noise Regulations.
  • Deliver operational performance across safety, quality, cost, and programming.
  • Integration of the OEM machinery, ensuring its performance is not compromised
  • Building a strong working partnership with long-term benefits

Our dedicated OEM Team understands industrial pumps and the requirements of manufacturers.  We ensure the noise mitigation solutions that enclose or augment your equipment will maintain its intended functionality. Our mission is to ensure the quality and performance of the packaged noise control solution exceed your expectations.