We offer customized Audiometric Chamber booth designs available in different sizes and configurations. Audiometric Screening Booth provides a self-contained environment for hearing conservation programs. A large side entry door allows ease of access to persons of all ages.

The Audiometric Chamber is used by audiologists and speech-language pathologists to conduct error-free hearing tests. The chamber is used to conduct a range of tests including pure-tone, speech, and audiometry tests. The Audiometric Chamber is perfect for testing with pure tones and speech.

The airborne sound insulation performance requirements of internal partitions are closely linked to intrusive noise criteria. However, another very important factor is “privacy”, that is, the extent to which conversations and activities in one area are audible in an adjacent area. The recommended privacy factor for Audiometric Screening Booths is 80, where 75-80 is audible but not intelligible and >80 is inaudible.

Specifications of Audiometric Chamber

  • A popular, standard double-wall booth with a structurally isolated inner room, offering a “high” level of attenuation
  • Complete design, and advice service
  • Compliance with ISO Standards for Hearing Screening
  • Made to order Design Booths and Rooms
  • Specialist cabling
  • Silent ventilation
  • Specialist paint finishes
  • To prevent unwanted noise from entering the test environment and affecting the integrity of the test procedures to be undertaken.
  • To keep patients’ consultations private. A raised voice is often required to communicate with the patients attending an Audiology department, therefore it is as important for these conversations to be kept within the room as it is for the prevention of unwanted noise to enter.

Noise Reduction performance:

Octave Band Frequency (Hz)

  • 125        
  • 250        
  • 500        
  • 1000      
  • 2000      
  • 4000      
  • 8000

Noise Reduction (dB)

  • 18
  • 32
  • 38
  • 44
  • 51
  • 52
  • 50

The formal laboratory investigation of “insertion loss” revealed a very high noise reduction of 29 – 49dB(A) over the hearing test frequencies (pitch), resulting in an excellent reduction of unwanted external noises.

audiometric-chamber,  audiometric-screening-booth
audiometric-chamber,  audiometric-screening-booth