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Acoustic enclosures

We typically undertake a noise survey on site in order to assess the background noise levels at nearest noise sensitive premises without any activities and then assess the potential impact of the proposals using several assesssment methods, guidance documents and standards.
Our expertise also allows us to monitor punctual events such as festivals and concerts and we invite you to look at our noise monitoring capbilities.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of noise impact assessment as we offer a tailored service to suit your project and fulfill all your requirements.

Practical Acoustics also offers noise limiter calibration services providing calibration certificates on a yearly basis to ensure the adequate operation of your installed noise limiters.

Our team of specialists have a proven track record in supplying robust assessments to meet the requirements of Local Authorities.The range of venues assessed is very broad, from nightclubs to religious centres, we are able to assess all situations efficiently and cost-effectively.


We can assist in providing excellent rESLonse time and undertaking accredited sound insulation testing for your development to be signed off in the shortest of delays.

Why choose us?

  • We are able to provide quick turnaround time for sound testing. In many cases, appointment, testing and calculation of results are completed within 48 hours. All enquiries on sound testing are dealt with within one business day.
  • We offer highly competitive prices.
  • You will be given an immediate appreciation of the test results on the day of testing.

Environmental Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Hardware Capability
Since our launch, we have steadily increased our noise and vibration monitoring capacity by purchasing high performance sound and vibration level meters.
This has allowed us to undertake projects requiring from 1 up to more than 10 simultaneous monitoring positions over short and long term periods.

Audio Recording
We are capable of monitoring noise levels as well as triggering audio recording when certain threshold levels are exceeded in order to facilitate source identification and ensure accurate reporting of recorded measurements.
Alert Systems
Our noise and vibration monitoring systems can be set up to send email or SMS messages when threshold levels are exceeded. We also have custom-build solutions for visual alarms when a quick rESLonse time is required.


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The Polycarbonate Noise Barriers' work was completed by Envirotech in a good manner and also according to our specifications.
Shree Cement Limited  ....

Acoustic Enclosure supplied by Envirotech, has fulfilled CPCB Norms without affecting DG set performance.
PepsiCo India Holding Pvt. Ltd  ....

The Noise Test Booth designed by Envirotech (ESL) has acieved the desired noise level i.e 35 dB(A) in side the chamber.
Maruti Suzuki Limited  ....

The design of Anechoic Chamber has fulfill our requirement & no echo generation was found inside the chamber .
Dongyong  ....


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