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Acoustic enclosures

We focused on applications for acoustics, NVH, and vibration analysis. Our engineers working in these fields measure sound and vibration levels to determine whether the engineering redesign or optimization is necessary to meet customer expectations and requirements. The evaluation of sound and vibration, in terms of their impact on the consumer and the surroundings includes not only the objective measurement of noise and vibration, but also the subjective impact. For example, in the automotive industry, this concept may be applied to interior or exterior noise of a car; in the aerospace industry, engineers may perform in-cabin testing or commercial airline flyovers to test ground level noise rating. Engineering specialties in these fields include:

  • Automotive NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) - the study of unwanted noise and vibration levels including engine, road, wind, electronic seats, brakes, etc.

  • Noise Mapping - the process of externally mapping noise to a particular device under test for the purpose of identifying the major noise sources and determining engineering redesigns.

  • Structural Dynamics and Monitoring - the process of monitoring the vibration and movement of a particular structure.

Applications for NVH Test Chambers :

  • »  Recording
  • »  Music/Band practice
  • »  Voiceovers
  • »  Broadcasting
  • »  Industrial testing
  • »  Quiet loud machinery
  • »  Industrial Projects
  • »  Private Conferences
  • »  Software Audio
  • »  Hearing Testing
  • »  Language studies
  • »  Karaoke
  • »  Sound testing
  • »  Trade Shows
  • »  Government & Military





These are widely used in automotive sector, air-conditioner manufacturing units, Refrigeration units, fan , motor & compressors manufacturing units, speaker and sound purity  testing etc. to find out actual noise of test piece & also to find out  defects in products by using noise analysis method. We offer on line & off line noise testing booth to test each & every piece of product. These booths are designed with perfection, accuracy & new technology. The primary function of this booth is to control the ambient noise and increase the accuracy of intensity measurement by reducing sound reflections.


With Automatic Window:

The Controller Card is so designed, such that in the event of  testing the windows shall remain closed and would open automatically during the non testing   period. The operation shall be linked with your testing machine, Performance – 40 dB at 75-80 dB Ambient




With Belt Conveyor:

Provided Belt conveyor for test piece entry & exit, at both side of Noise Test booth, Conveyor having sensors to stop & start , we can check 2200 pieces per day , Performance- 40 dB(A) at 75 dB (A) ambient






With Hinge Type Window:

Hinge type window provided with pneumatic cylinders for material exit & entry, both window are controlled with lever, Performance – 35 dB (A) at an Ambient of 85 dB(A)


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The Polycarbonate Noise Barriers' work was completed by Envirotech in a good manner and also according to our specifications.
Shree Cement Limited  ....

Acoustic Enclosure supplied by Envirotech, has fulfilled CPCB Norms without affecting DG set performance.
PepsiCo India Holding Pvt. Ltd  ....

The Noise Test Booth designed by Envirotech (ESL) has acieved the desired noise level i.e 35 dB(A) in side the chamber.
Maruti Suzuki Limited  ....

The design of Anechoic Chamber has fulfill our requirement & no echo generation was found inside the chamber .
Dongyong  ....


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