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Acoustic enclosures

The quality of an MRI image is based upon two things: MRI system technology and RF shielding. A good MRI system will generate a quality image, whereas a good RF shield will protect that image. These two components represent a major investment in time, money and ultimately a commitment to the patient.

MRI systems are distinguished in various ways. An open bore versus a closed bore or a 3T versus a 1.5T or smaller magnetic field are just two such examples. Because RF shields are not all alike they, too, are similarly distinguished. Copper or aluminum versus galvanized or steel; self supporting versus glue/staple to parent walls;

RF shielding protects the quality of the image created from your MRI system. If you take care to select your MRI system, you should also take care in selecting your RF shield.


TC-5981A is a shield box that can effectively shield RF interference signals during the testing of mobile communication terminals. TC-5981A offers stable and superior  shielding so it is suitable for manufacturing, service and R&D departments. This product has a built-in electromagnetic wave absorber (0.8~2.5GHz/absorption ratio: about 3~7dB).  For automation, it may be  opened/closed via RS-232C.


»   High durability and outstanding shielding capacity
»   Automatic opening/closing/ fixture actions through air-compression (pneumatic) method.
»   >EMI filters are applied for all data ports and power lines.
»   Manual or remote opening/closing available through RS-232c.


»     Shielding Effectiveness : > 60 dB, from 800MHz to 2.5 GHz, including USB connectors

»     Absorber reflection loss: [email protected]~950MHz, [email protected]~2.0GHz, [email protected] ~ 2.5 GHz

»     Input air pressure: 5 bar to 10 bar

»    Main air connector: 6mm OD hose, one-touch push-on fitting

»     Working space: 150(W) x 270(D) x 95(H) mm

»     Dimension: 194(W) x 357(D) x 203(H) mm, lid closed. 552(D) mm, lid open

»     Line voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 watt max.

»     Weight without optional test fixture: 11 Kg

»     Door size: 117(W) x 82(H) mm

Accessories Supplied :

     4002-0002, N(m) to N(m) cable, 1m, 1pc.
     4003-0001, DB9(s) to DB9(s) RS-232C cable, 2m, 1pc.
     4003-0004, DB9(p) to DB9(s) cable, 1m, 1pc.
     4005-0005, DB25(p) to DB25(s) cable, 1m, 1pc.
     4008-0015, USB A(p) to USB A(p) cable, 1.8m, 1pc.
     9703-0074, Air Coupler, CPS15-6B, 1pc.
     9901-0040, Cap, N-TYPE, 1pc.
     9703-0020, Hand valve, 1pc.

Electrical I/O  User Data I/O Connectors

»    DB9(p) outside and DB9(s) inside, 1000pF Pi filter (100 VDC, 3A max).
»     DB25(p) outside and DB25(s) inside, 1000pF Pi filter (100 VDC, 3A max).
»    USB2.0(s) A type.

RF Connectors

    • 2 N(f) outside and SMA(f) inside


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