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Acoustic enclosures
Envirotech Systems Limited - Acoustic Products for Commercial - Noise Barrier For Airport, Highway & Railway















We designe, manufacture & install customized noise barrier that suits the requirement of our clients. Entire range of noise barrier is certified, high performing to solve the noise problems.

»   Proven, certified, sound transmission loss (Noise Reduction)
»   Maximum sound absorption to minimize the reflected sound
»   Tough, abuse-resistant steel/aluminum structure.
»  Weather-resistant, rust-proof, durable finishes which blend sympathetically with the       surrounding landscape

Standing barrier systems are sound absorptive/ reflective on one or both sides and offer excellent sound transmission loss characteristics and are easily assembled from prefabricated components.

Noise Barrier Performance :

One side perforation on the surfaces of noise barrier reduces reverberant build-up between parallel barriers and other reflective surfaces and increase the ability of noise barrier to reduce the noise. Glossy & plane outer side gives asthetic look to noise barrier and block maximum noise to passes in near by area.


Our designed & manufactured noise barrier has delivered good results in many projects and performed as well. Our Metallic Noise Barrier/ Absorptive Panels achieved a minimum sound insulation of STC 25 and high sound absorption in between 125 Hz to 4,000Hz frequencies.


Generally metallic noise barrier/ acoustic panel has its own utilities as per its requirement and are highly demanded product to control the noise in following fields:

1. Noise Barrier for Construction Sites.

2. Noise Barrier for Manufacturing Unit.

3. Noise Barrier for Railways.

4. Noise Barrier for Highways.
5. Noise Barrier for Airport.
6. Noise Barrier for Cement Plant.

7. Noise Barrier for Steel Plant.

8. Noise Barrier for Heavy Forging Plant.

Metallic Noise Barriers.pdf


Download Projects:


Acoustic Panel (Absorptive Type) _ IL & FS Rail Limited, Gurgaon

Metallic Noise Barrier_ ACC Limited, Chanda







Polycarbonate noise Barrier protecting neighbouring commercial units from a 24 hour secure operation.The construction consisted of galvanised steel universal beam post and softwood pressure treated Tanalith E green. On this project the vertical boarding runs the full height of the barrier, on other similar barriers a horizontal mid chamfered trim is add as a feature.

Polycarbonate/Acrylic Sheets:

1. The standard Polycarbonate Noise Barrier, during laboratory tests, was given a sound insulation rate of 20 dB(A).

2. Polycarbonate sheet is coextruded with weather protection on both side against UV radiation from sunlight and for avoidance of coating failure.

3. Minimum thickness: 8.0 mm thick but vary if requirement is specific.

4. Tensile Strength: at least 60 N/m2,

5. Light Transmittance: 90% for clear polycarbonate sheet

6. Stone Impact Resistance: As per EN 1794-2 Annex.C

7. Fire spred of frame: BS 476, part 7, calss 1 or 2.

8. Modulus of elasticity: at laest 2000 N/mm2

Above propertiies shall not be vary by about 5-10% of the original values over a 10-year period.

Generally polycarbonate noise barrier has its own utilities as per its requirement.

1. Noise Barrier Around Premises.
2. Noise Barrier For Highways.
3. Noise Barrier For Residential Areas.

4. Noise Barrier For Metro Rail.

Polycarbonate Noise Barriers.pdf


Download Projects:


Noise barrier _ IL & FS Rail Limited, Gurgaon

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier_ Zuari Cement Limited, Chennai

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier_ Shree Cement Limited, Beawar

Polycarbonate Noise Barrier_ ENOC, Dubai


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The Polycarbonate Noise Barriers' work was completed by Envirotech in a good manner and also according to our specifications.
Shree Cement Limited  ....

Acoustic Enclosure supplied by Envirotech, has fulfilled CPCB Norms without affecting DG set performance.
PepsiCo India Holding Pvt. Ltd  ....

The Noise Test Booth designed by Envirotech (ESL) has acieved the desired noise level i.e 35 dB(A) in side the chamber.
Maruti Suzuki Limited  ....

The design of Anechoic Chamber has fulfill our requirement & no echo generation was found inside the chamber .
Dongyong  ....


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